[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Tyler Thomas – Lincoln Ave Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


We gonna take a trip right now
Like we always do about that time

[Verse 1: Tyler Thomas]

Head nod to my old shit, I really didn’t know shit
Thought I was on some pro shit
That I always had to talk about poor shit
I was tryna reach a crowd that ain’t have shit
But the situation kept a nigga stagnant
All my new shit sounding like my last shit
How the hell a nigga finna make a smash hit?
Fast forward like 8 months
When I put the weed down no grape blunt
I still miss the little way that it stick to you
And when you quit its like the smell still get to you
So I- I took a little time, had to find me
And finally the niggas that’s behind me
I couldn’t hang with them niggas on a crime spree
Lincoln Ave you niggas know where to find me
Had a talk with my mans bout chords Tyler Thomas – Lincoln Ave Lyrics lyrics the whole thing
Just a matter of time until my phone rings
Had game but I never had no team
Had ties but I never had no string
I been married to the game still no ring
She been cheatin on a nigga still cord kord chord Tyler Thomas – Lincoln Ave Lyrics kunci gitar no flings
Every fly nigga gotta get his own wings
But I still don’t understand what no means

[Verse 2: Tyler Thomas]

My new life better than my old life
Cause my old life didn’t seem so right
How could I be so young and be so bright
But my dreams had width still no height
And things don’t change but the vision do
Im intricate with sentences I give to you
Im pickier with people that I listen to
Particularly niggas who ain’t winning boo
Now I make sure everything I make more
That’s really what I had to take a break for
I didn’t lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Tyler Thomas – Lincoln Ave Lyrics download mp3 have direction but a great core
I was scratchin’ at the surface couldn’t break floor
Its so easy to get sidetracked listening to my tracks
Niggas talk through it I despise that
How could I get mad when I do the same thing
Its my job to keep you in my mood swings
And I don’t give a fuck about anything else but us right now
I’ve been workin like a slave
And I’m feeling like I’m right on the cusp right now
I’m at a good pace and I really can’t afford to be rushed right now
We see these other niggas getting signed but we gotta do us right now