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Guns & Roses
Them niggas don’t love you, nigga
Guns & Roses
Them bitches don’t love you, nigga
Guns & Roses
Them ain’t your friends, nigga
Guns & Roses
That bitch might fuck your friends, nigga

Guns & Roses [x8]

That loyalty, you owe it
If you love someone you show it
I’m too real and you know it
Ball your feelings up and throw it
That 40 cal I tote it
This molly got me rollin’
You niggas be hoeing
Come to your block and go bonin’
37th where I’m from
E’rybody got a gun
I just got some dope today
And I gave chords Shy Glizzy - Guns & Roses lyrics lyrics my aunt a bump
Yeah I’m smoking on that gas
Nigga pull up to the pump
Choppa came with a drum
Ba rumpa bum bum
Police took away my friends
Or they life came to an end
These niggas not my friends
They just want some of my ends
I’m flyer than the wind
Everything I do I win
Boy you on your last limb
I seen more weight than cord kord chord Shy Glizzy - Guns & Roses lyrics kunci gitar a Gym
Ridin round with the plug
He got drugs in the armrest
Take a nigga chain let my grandmother pawn that
Streets lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Shy Glizzy - Guns & Roses lyrics download mp3 Hottest Youngin’ call the labels
Make em’ bump that
Streets goin crazy, “why the fuck he ain’t signed yet?”


Young Nigga I seen it all
Matter fact, I want it all
Knew a lot of niggas who fell
Shit I even took a fall
I tried to pick up a ball, crowd didn’t cheer at all
Pull up in a stolen car
They treatin me like a star
Now everything I want be mine
I tell your girl I’m the man
Self-Made motherfucker, even got it on my hands
Knew he wasn’t my man
Shit we ain’t come from the sand
I thought we was taking bands
And that nigga took the stand
I’m out here chasin’ paper
Give a Fuck about a hater
Had a nigga in The Fader and the fuckin’ city Paper
I shoot just like a Laker
I’m a fucking hit maker
Might hit Meekah later
We some fuckin’ dream chasers
And bitch you ain’t my bitch
You be on niggas dick
Wanna kill the boy that dissed
But a nigga might snitch
And I done hung out on a lot of niggas zips
I know when they come out and when them guns on they hip


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